Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bear Lake Day 1

Our first adventure was the poppy fields in Mantua.
After four days at home in our own beds, we headed back out on the road again. This time we are at Bear Lake. Unfortunately, the sunny weather took a vacation, too, and it is only in the 60s for most of our time here. We also got a late start to Bear Lake because of Dax's baseball game (he hit 2 home runs) so we didn't get much done today.

Mom really wanted to stop at the Poppy Fields in Mantua. She had been seeing everyone's beautiful pictures and wanted to check the flowers out. It turned out to be the perfect stop. The boys shouted, "Mom, look at all those beautiful flowers," which made it all worthwhile for her. We hopped out and took a few pictures since the flowers are right on the side of the road and then headed up to Bear Lake.
Mom was so excited for all the poppies. 
Mark likes flowers, but don't tell his friends.
Seth really wanted me to take a picture of him smelling the flowers. 
Dax was so excited to show me these super tall flowers on the opposite side of the road. 
We arrived at 4:30 and Mom was already hungry enough for dinner. We stopped at LaBeau's and had burgers and fries. Then went up to the house in St. Charles and checked into our tiny room. We had wall-to-wall cots and beds, but at least we have a place to stay. After checking out the place, we got a call from Tiff and Jonny that they wanted to check out the refuge. We drove up to Paris, which isn't far from where we are staying. We saw: a bald eagle, sandhill cranes, avocets, stilts, coots, ducks, geese, and a marmot.
The pelicans were in full mating color. Mark was thrilled! 
We were surprised to see a goose swimming like this. I'm guessing it's for protection for her chicks. 
We were excited to see lots of little goslings on our drive.
The Osprey in their nest was cool! 
There are actually two Sandhill Crane babies. Mom didn't see the second baby until we were driving away. 

Then Mom was ready for her shake. We headed back over to LaBeau's and shivered through our shakes. The kids are having fun with cousins, though, and I guess that is what it is all about!
It was freezing outside, but we had to get a shake! It's tradition!
Uncle Bob is tough! He was picking all three big kids up! 
Jonny led the cousins in a huge game of tag!
We have a tiny room, but it's fun to be all together.  
Dax was so excited about sleeping in the corner on his own little bed. Kids!

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