Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bear Lake Day 3

We love stopping at Tony Grove, but look at all that snow!
Today was really cold! The high temperature was 59 degrees, and it actually snowed in the canyon. We certainly weren't going to the lake, so we decided to take an excursion to Logan. On the way down the canyon we wondered if we could hike Tony Grove, so we took a detour to the lake. We jumped out and took a few pictures, but it was freezing cold and the lake still had ice on it. There was snow all the way around the lake, so there were many reasons we didn't do the hike. On the way back to the highway, though, Mark spotted a moose, so every felt like the morning was a success.
It was freezing at the lake! Cold and windy! 
We laughed at the crazy weather! Well, most of us laughed!
Make spotted this moose from about a million miles away. 
He mostly hung out behind that tree, so we didn't get a super great look. 
It was raining hard in Logan, so we stopped at the Tabernacle. There was a concert going on, and the performers were singing songs from musicals. We know a lot of musicals, but no one sang anything we knew! Still, the boys were good, and we were dry.
We had a nice and dry time in the Logan Tabernacle. 
We crossed the street to the Bluebird Cafe, which has been around since 1914. Grandpa bought lunch and ice cream, which was really good. Then we headed home and Mom made tacos for dinner. Since it was so cold, the kids mostly stayed inside and watched movies. About the only other thing that happened was the slow departure of some of our family. Britt and Eligah left yesterday. Jason and the Pooles left today. And Bob left tonight before bed. There seems to be a lot more room in the house, but we'll miss everybody!
This is most of the gang. Britt and Eligah had already headed home.  
Seth was thrilled that there was a flag in our room at the restaurant. He wanted a picture by it. 
The rolls are huge and delicious at the Bluebird Inn!
This was what the canyon looked like as we drove back to Bear Lake! 

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  1. Wow! Looks cold! Glad you guys made the best of it!


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