Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Day in Ogden

Yesterday we headed up to Ogden to see my grandparents, and to check out the wood ducks at Beus Pond.  First, we went to the pond near Weber State University. We had some hamburger buns to feed to the ducks there, but we had to elbow the geese out of the way to do it. The geese were loud and aggressive. One even took a nip at me! Dax stood intrepidly (or foolishly) staring down a goose while Mark scampered across the bridge. The wild wood ducks got over the fear pretty quickly when they saw the other ducks chowing down. If you want to hear (and see) more about Beus Pond, check out our other blog: Utah Valley Family Adventures.

After an icy walk around the pond, we went to see Great-Grandma Betty and Great-Grandpa Dan (that is what my boys call them). The boys loved the new chairs my grandparents had just unwrapped.  It was hard to keep them from climbing in and out. We had a great visit and did lunch. The boys were really good with Grandma and Grandpa and took adorable pictures. It was a pleasant surprise for them to cheese together at the camera rather than act shy and duck their heads for the pictures.

Dax vs. Goose

Male and Female Wood Ducks

Mark and Dax feeding the ducks.

My cute boys!

Mark and Great Grandma Betty

Dax and Great Grandpa Dan

Mark and Dax sitting in grandpa's chair for the millionth time.

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