Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cows Eat Grass

Okay, I know you are smart and you know cows eat grass, but I didn't have any idea that cows absolutely LOVE fresh mowed grass. Last Saturday, Randy was mowing the lawn for hopefully the last time this year and I was inside cleaning up the dishes from dinner. The windows were open and all of a sudden I heard cows stampeding toward the fence. When I looked out, I saw about 8 cows munching on the grass that Randy had just dumped over the fence. Pretty soon more cows came to push their way in for a little snack. Every time he stopped the lawn mower, the cows looked up to see where he was going to dump the grass. It was hilarious.

Randy told me that as soon as he started the mower, the cows had started heading over. Mark and Dax thought it was so funny. We all hung around the fence watching the cows fight over the green grass. Who knew cows could be so entertaining?

Cows fighting for the grass.

The cows all ended up with green faces!

Dax kept saying, "Cows, are you enjoying our grass?"
I thought it was pretty cute.


  1. So funny! I hope they didn't get sick...they were looking a little green in the face.

  2. What I think is so funny is that so many city people think this is amazing. Our neighbors came and sat on our lawn to watch and laugh. That title, "Cows Eat Grass" seems like a revelation to some people!



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