Sunday, October 7, 2012

We've Been Busy

For the last three weeks we have been trying to cram in every possible hike we can before it's too cold. We didn't get to do much hiking in the summer because I was pregnant the first half and then Seth was little and had all his drama. It feels like we have been running around the whole countryside, but the boys have been great hikers and it has been good for us to get out and adventure again.

So here are all the waterfalls and hikes we have found in the last little while. You can read more about them on our other blog (Utah Valley Family Adventures) if you want to try one for yourself.

Lisa Falls--Little Cottonwood Canyon

Rocky Mouth Falls--near Little Cottonwood Canyon

Stairs Gulch--Big Cottonwood Canyon

Hidden Falls--Big Cottonwood Canyon

Bridal Veil Falls--Provo Canyon

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Devil's Kitchen--Nebo Loop

Grotto Trail--Nebo Loop (Payson Canyon)

Ghost Falls--behind Draper temple

Temple Quarry Hike--Little Cottonwood Canyon


  1. Wow! That's a lot of hiking! Better get it in now, it won't be long before you are off on a different kind of adventure. Like sending one of them off on their first date.

  2. Oh my word! I don't think we've done that many hikes...ever! Ghost Falls looks way fun... how spooky for October. I told Brian about it and he just gave me a look. The look that says "and WHEN do you expect to do that, Emily?" I hate that look.

  3. You guys have been busy! How fun! :)


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