Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This had to be the easiest year for Halloween costumes ever. Okay, going "shopping" at Randy's sister's house is easier and she has the most amazing costumes, too. But since Mark and Dax now like to pick what they are going to be, I was so glad that they picked easy costumes.

Mark wanted to be a vampire. I didn't really know why until I went to his school Halloween parade and I saw 4 other people in his class dressed as vampires. I'm sure they discussed it at recess. So I threw on his church clothes, bought some fangs, and found a cape for $4 at Wal-Mart. I had planned to make the cape, but I couldn't beat that price (and the lack of sewing required).

Dax wanted to be a ghost. He has been saying that for about 4 months. A few weeks before Halloween he went through a different idea every day, but Dax finally settled back to ghost. I cut up a white sheet, bought him a white beanie for $1, and grabbed some white face paint.

I love this picture of Dax even though it is all faded--he looks very ghostlike.

Seth was the cheapest since I just pulled out our baby costumes. One of Randy's sister gave us a pumpkin costume when Mark was a baby and every one of our boys has worn it. Now it was Seth's turn. Seth was also an M&M which my sister gave Mark. Dax didn't get to be an M&M because he was too big by the time Halloween rolled around since his birthday is in May. That's okay . . . Dax doesn't even know. 

It sure made Halloween simple this year and I actually enjoyed my least favorite day of the year a little bit more.


  1. They look so cute! Love the pumpkin costume.

  2. Thanks for the advertising and praise. I wondered why you weren't costume shopping at my house this year.

  3. I saw Mark's cape and thought, "Wow, Natalie! You're aMAZing on the sewing machine! You under-estimate your sewing skills." And then you told me you bought it. HA

    And that's the "scariest" ghost I've ever seen. And the cutest, rolliest pumpkin.

    Love them!


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