Sunday, October 21, 2012

Randy Works Hard Again

I don't know if you remember, but about this time last year, Randy was involved in a sumo wrestling match. If you don't recall, you can read about it here.

Today, Randy helped with his school's fundraiser again. This time he had to walk the plank. Every year, the students participate in the Hawk Walk which is a walk-a-thon. If they reach their money goal, the principal, and now often Randy, does something crazy like sumo wrestling or getting dunked in the dunk tank. When I taught at Highland, the principal spent the day on the roof (he loved that one), wrestled a different teacher in jello, kissed a snake, got slimed, and tried to catch a greasy pig. I always laugh at the things the PTA comes up with for him to do.

Anyway . . . here are the latest pics of Randy being a good sport for the students he loves so much.

That's Randy walking the plank. The principal is the pirate in the background.
Yes, he got dunked in his suit. He thought it would add a nice effect.


  1. Nice! You are a good sport, dear brother.

  2. Wow! His suit? Maybe he should have worn something less expensive.


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