Friday, January 11, 2013

Go Jazz Go

Doesn't Seth look like he is having fun?
Last week we went to a Jazz game. It was our family Christmas present. We all got Jazz shirts and tickets for Christmas. We had a blast. I was slightly worried about Seth since it was late and in a loud arena, but he did great. I only had to walk the halls through half of the 3rd quarter. Dax and Mark were in awe at seeing the Jazz players in real life, and Mark has all the players memorized now.

Luckily we picked a game that they would most likely win (against the Timberwolves) and they did. We stayed until the end because Randy knew they would love seeing the streamers come down, and he was right, of course. Mark said his favorite part was seeing Millsap play and Dax said his favorite part was the popcorn (if you know Dax, that answer makes complete sense). We only wish we could afford to go another time this year, but there's always next Christmas!

The popcorn!
Seth captured the heart of every girl within 5 seats of us.

Paul Millsap is number 24. He's the family favorite.

My blondest boys
We thought our seats were pretty great!


  1. So fun! We love going to Jazz games too. Our Jr. Jazz league has given us 5 tickets to the Feb 6 game, so at least some of us will get to enjoy the fun.


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