Monday, January 7, 2013

Mark the Shark

Another tooth story. . .

Last week, Randy noticed Mark had a permanent tooth half grown in behind his baby teeth while brushing his teeth. We didn't really know what to think, so I called the dentist and scheduled an appointment and Randy told Mark that he wasn't a shark and should stop growing teeth in rows.

The first thing the dentist said when he looked in Mark's mouth was, "This is the third one today." What?! I had never heard of this, but apparently it is common for children's first few permanent teeth to start growing in before the baby ones fall out. It looks so crazy because it is so far back on his gum, but the dentist also said this was normal. Teeth grow up on an angle from the jaw line so it is coming up just as it would, but it looks crazy because there are other teeth in front.

Luckily Mark's tooth is loose and so we just have to wiggle it real good every day and hopefully it will fall out in the next few weeks. If it doesn't fall out by Valentine's Day, we'll have to get a little assistance from the dentist to get that tooth out. I want it to fall out on its own for two reasons.

1. It is Mark's first loose tooth and I don't want it to come out traumatically. It's a big accomplishment to start losing teeth and I want him to be excited for it (which he currently is).

2. Mark has always been our anxious child. He gets nervous about the doctor and dentist and Mark currently doesn't cry when he goes to the dentist, so I would like to keep that a normal standard.

So here's hoping that in a few weeks you'll see a post about Mark losing his first tooth.

Mark the shark


  1. Wiggle, wiggle! Megan has one she asks me to wiggle for 30 seconds every day after school... she is behind on the classroom tooth chart.

  2. I hope his tooth falls out on its own. I had to have all my baby teeth pulled, except for one and it wasn't fun! I'm excited for Mark!


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