Saturday, January 12, 2013

Randy's Birthday

I know that most of you who read this blog are family so you know that Randy's birthday falls on the day after Christmas. I have tried really hard throughout our marriage to make it a special day because I think it would be a horrible day to have a birthday, and Randy pretty much reminds me of that every year.

Well, unfortunately, all my plans went a little awry because this is what my family looked like the day after Christmas.

Everyone was sick. We later found out that Dax had double ear infections and pneumonia. Seth also got an ear infection and a yucky cough. Randy has been sick for a week when this picture was taken and he is still coughing and not sleeping well 3 weeks later (but he at least cheesed for his birthday picture). Mark fared the best with just a really runny nose which is why his nose is bright red in this picture. I didn't get too sick either, just a sore throat and exhaustion from taking care of four sick boys. We went through 8 boxes of Kleenexes--that is not an exaggeration.

So we didn't go out to dinner, but we did open presents and have cake. The only highlight was when Randy and I left the kids sleeping with my brother-in-law and went to the Les Miserables movie. We loved it! And when we ran into our pediatrician at the movie, I didn't even ask him to make a house call.


  1. This year has been so bad for sickness!! I hope everyone is better now!


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