Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Piano Recitals

Mark and Dax are both taking piano lessons. Unfortunately they are taking from different's a long story. So that means two different piano recitals.

Dax had his first and he played two different Christmas songs: We Three Kings and O Come All Ye Faithful. He practiced so hard and I never had to remind him to practice once. And he played perfectly! Dax has learned so quickly in the past 3 months that he's been taking lesson. I am so proud of his determination to practice every day...and his hard work pays off.

Dax's cousin Daniel takes piano from the same teacher.
They sat by each other and I think it helped them relax.

Mark's piano recital was the following week and he also played two songs. I didn't know he was playing two songs until I showed up and read the program, but apparently he knew because he brought the correct music. I had made him practice Joy to the World tons of times, but Mark also played Riverboat Jazz that he is memorizing for a festival competition in February. He played them both well and I am proud of how proficient he is becoming at the piano.


  1. Good job guys! I was just reading about the candy windows post on your other blog. Did you know that Kiy and Kacy designed the Grinch and Max and spent many hours gluing candy to help create the ferris wheel? Pretty cool, huh? :)

  2. They both did such a great job! Dax was so cute!


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