Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Trees 2014

This year our Christmas Tree trip was a little bit different. Randy's sister was going to be out of town for Thanksgiving, so we bumped the Christmas Tree cutting to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving instead of the Saturday after. It turned out to be a perfect trip! There was no one else on the mountain (I think two cars drove past our little group), and there was a ton of snow for the kids to play in despite there still being no snow around here. It was also warm and sunny! Perfect! We had SO much fun! So I'm sorry for the long line of photos, but here they come...

There is a hedge in front of Grandpa Ockey's house that the kids can squeeze through.
Randy was so proud that his boys loved it as much as he did as a kid!

Mark went as far as he possibly could.

There is nothing better than sledding!

Dax loves to sled.

Mark has a hard time staying on the path, but he still has fun!

Dad likes to take a few slides down the hill, too!

We're off to find our Christmas tree! 

Waiting while dad chops the tree down.

Four-wheeler rides

Dax loves hot chocolate A LOT! 

So does Mark...they both were covered in chocolate.

Seth wanted to ride with "Gen!"

Mark got to steer on his own this year.

Cutest couple ever!

Time for a snowball fight!

Seth just hit me with a snowball. How rude!

Dax cried after this picture because his hands were so cold from the snow.

Dax is always eating snow....always.

Someone did not want to leave.


  1. Cute picts! It was really nice having the mountain to ourselves. :)

    1. I agree! I loved not fighting for a spot this year!


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