Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dax's First Basketball Season

Dax played basketball for the first time this year. Randy was his coach which he loved. Dax played really well. He was able to make lots of shots which was good since many of the kids couldn't even get the ball up to the hoop. Dax also played some awesome defense. He stuck with his guy and his dad always gave him the toughest kids to guard! Most importantly, Dax loved playing basketball. It is his favorite sport and he loves it!!

Dax is number 10 so you'll have to find him in the pictures below.
They all lined up in hopes that the person inbounding would choose them to pass to.

Dax dribbling just a little bit high!

Dax played awesome defense!

Dax had so much fun playing basketball. He cried today when he didn't have a game.

Dax is super quick!
I must not have videoed as much as I thought. I only had a few short clips from one game. I'll try to be better next season. 

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