Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Look Back at Yellowstone

Randy and I had only been married half a year when we decided that we wanted to visit Yellowstone. I had never been and Randy had spent a little time there, but not much. So we planned a trip for the summer after we were married. We immediately fell in love with this National Park. There is so much to see and do. And so began a tradition. Every other year we visit Yellowstone. My family (mom and dad and 4 sisters) began tagging along the next year, and so now on odd years you will find the Daniels Bunch in Yellowstone. 

I was looking back through pictures and realized that we love to take family pictures at Artist Point. So I've pulled them all into this blog post for a look back at all of our trips to Yellowstone.
Yellowstone 2003

Yellowstone 2005

Yellowstone 2007

Uh oh! We missed taking a family picture here this year,
so you'll have to settle for the family picture at Tower Falls instead.

Yellowstone 2009

Yellowstone 2011

Yellowstone 2013

Yellowstone 2015

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  1. So fun! It's fun to see how your family has grown through the years. We do this same thing at the spot where Mark proposed. Such a fun tradition! Thanx for sharing, I loved it!


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