Monday, July 20, 2015

Seth's Birthday

The lion walked right over to lay by the glass while we were at the Zoo.

Seth turned 3 this year! He has grown up so much this last year. He is potty trained completely, even at night, which is a miracle. Our older boys took way longer for night time training. Seth knows all his ABCs and he's getting pretty good at counting to 20, too. Seth is very polite and always says thank you for whatever meal we are eating--doesn't matter where we are or what we eating, he will say, "Thanks mom for dinner." It is super cute.

Seth is a lot of fun. He loves to be silly and make crazy faces. He does not like to have his picture taken and he is working on being nicer to his brothers. He always seems to be jumping on them and knocking them over. Seth loves nursery and has always been happy to go (another thing the older boys didn't do). Seth loves listening to songs and he also loves reading Elephant & Piggie and Little Critter books.  Seth loves to play outside, especially in the sandbox. He wants to do what his big brothers do, so he is always playing baseball and basketball.

For Seth's birthday, he wanted to go to the animal zoo. My sister Tiffany was in town, so he got to go with lots of cousins because my sister Melanie came, too. We had a really fun day!

The cousins!

The leopard started pacing in front of the window while we were there.

Another cousin picture: Charlie...ha ha!

Seth loves bald eagles!!

He got to give the bird a dollar for his birthday!

We always ride the carousel!

Family picture!

We went to Red Robin after the zoo and Seth got a special treat!

Seth had quite the list of people to invite to his birthday party: Laurie & Glen, Grandpa Ockey, Tiffany & family, Melanie & family, and Grandma & Grandpa Daniels. All of them made it except Grandma and Grandpa Daniels...they live kind of far away in Idaho. Seth got lots of fun presents including this huge dump truck and the bubble lawn mower. He plays with both of these toys almost every day. 

I was a slacker on his birthday cake this year. I didn't make it. I ordered it and I am still feeling guilty about it. He kept asking for a Costco cake, but they don't have an ocean one which is what he wanted. So I should have just made it for him, but I got it from Macey's and I think they did an awesome job, but every time I look at the pictures I feel just a tiny bit guilty. Even though I was super glad after the zoo that I wasn't decorating a cake all afternoon in the heat. Next year I'll make him an amazing cake.

Seth loves any vehicle.

Seth LOVES this bubble mower!

The cheater cake...I'm a bad mom!

Seth had fun blowing out his candles.


  1. Happy Birthday, Seth!
    Aunt Sandy

  2. Happy Birthdya, Seth! Love that kid and his cute smile.


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