Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Instant Karma!

Dax was given these things for his good deed.
We've been trying really hard to teach our boys some manners. One of the things we've worked on is holding the door open. The lesson is, when you come to a door, look for someone to open it for. So we were proud of Dax when he ran ahead to open the door for us at Brick Oven last night (we were there for Mark's Birthday.) We trooped through the door and went to get our name on the waiting list. In a few minutes we were led to the table.

When Mom and Seth returned from our first trip to the pasta bar, the manager and 3 workers were standing at our table. They made a bit of small talk, asking where she was from, and if we came often. When Dad returned with Dax and Mark, the manager said, "There he is! You know what he did?"


"Two of us were standing outside looking at the facade, and we watched as this little guy held the door open as your family went in. Then, he continued to hold as about 15 other people walked in without noticing--but we noticed, and manners are important to us."

He went on to thank Dax and tell him what a great kid he is. Then came the Instant Karma! He asked if Dax liked the rootbeer, which of course, he does. So he took Dax on a short tour of the kitchen, showed him the dishwasher that "cost more than [his] house" and took him downstairs to the two 100 gallon rootbeer vats. He let Dad take pictures and Dax was even allowed to look inside at all that rootbeer.

Then he gave Dax 3 BYU cups (enough for his brothers) and let him fill up his own 2 liter bottle of rootbeer to take home.

We were so grateful that Dax received this recognition. It's hard to teach manners, and for one brief moment someone made the lesson worth it. It was Instant Karma! Just another reason to love Brick Oven.

These are the boring old soda boxes for all the non-rootbeer flavors.

These are the 2 hundred gallon root beer vats.

Dax got to push the button to fill his own 2 liter bottle of rootbeer!

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