Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mark's Birthday

Mark also got to attend Stadium of Fire for his birthday!

Mark turned 9 this year. 9 is so old! I can't believe that he is only one year away from double digits. Mark is such a great boy. He helps me all the time and works hard around the house. Mark is a good example to his younger brothers. 

Mark loves baseball.  SO much! He wants to play for the Red Sox one day. He had so much fun playing baseball this year. Mark loves all sports and he is quite athletic and successful at all of them. He plays soccer, basketball, and tennis. 

Mark has a strong testimony of the Gospel and a sound knowledge of the Gospel, too. He has already completed the Book of Mormon once and is working on his 2nd time through. I am very proud of him for reading the scriptures on his own.

Mark is an avid reader and puzzler doer. He is usually doing one of those two things if he isn't outside practicing his baseball. 

We let Mark invite a few friends to an Owlz game the night before his birthday. Shad and Daniel came with us and we had a great time. We had sno cones and lots of snacks. Everyone seemed very happy! We even had them announce Mark's birthday at the game. It was fun to hear them say Ockey wrong as they wished him a happy birthday.

Mark really wanted to finish the bird puzzle for his birthday. It's 1000 pieces and it has no edge, so it's quite the puzzle. But we got it done for a Happy Birthday for Mark.

Mark also decided that he wanted pie for his birthday. He wanted chocolate cream pie. We always have a 4th of July BBQ on Mark's birthday so I ended up making 4 pies to feed everyone who came. It was interesting having pie instead of cake, but I figure it's very American.

The 5 boys we took to the Owlz game.

Sno Cones for everyone! Yummy!

Crazy brothers!

A family selfie.

The bird puzzle all done!

We bought Mark some baseball cards because he has been loving my old baseball card collection.

Mark with his chocolate cream pie.

Happy Birthday Mark!

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