Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween 2016

We had another great Halloween. Mom and Dad recycled their Han Solo and Princess Leia costumes, and Seth switched from the dark side to the good side by dressing as Mace Windu. He actually asked if he could paint his skin brown, so we gently denied that innocent request. Mark and Dax took the easy route and dressed as their dream jobs. For Mark, that meant a Red Sox player and Dax dressed up as a basketball player. We were thrilled that they made life so easy.

A few weeks before Halloween our ward had a party. We got to go in our costumes and there was a big chili cooking contest. Mom made an awesome chili, but the boys were just excited to get to preview their costumes.

School Halloween parties were on Monday this year, and Mom attended with Dax, while Dad got to celebrate at school with Mark. For trick-or-treating, Dad took the boys around our neighborhood, and then when Seth got tired, he went home to help Mom with handing out treats. Mark and Dax kept knocking doors until Mark's bucket got so heavy the strap broke and Dad's legs nearly fell off. It was a really great Halloween!
Dax was excited that mom helped at his party even though he did not want to take this selfie with her.

Ready for Trick or Treating! 

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