Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mom's Birthday--She is OLD!

Mom had a wonderful birthday this year. She was super spoiled and the boys took good care of her.

A few days before her birthday, Dad and the boys surprised Mom with flowers, presents, and a cake. We had a busy day on Mom's actual birthday so they decided to surprise her and celebrate early. Mom got a pedicure coupon and a new toilet seat. Both were wonderful gifts. Her flowers are still alive almost two weeks later, and the cake was amazing. It was a mint chocolate cake which is her favorite, and everyone enjoyed it.
Mom was pleased to have a surprise birthday a few days early.
This cake was amazing! Mom hopes to get it every year for her birthday.
The next day, we made the traditional trek down to Brick Oven for the birthday dinner. We had to hurry after dinner because Mom and Dad went to the temple afterward. Even though Mom shut her fingers in the car door, the session in the temple was wonderful and it was another great birthday outing.
We love going to Brick Oven even if Dax is always freezing!
On Mom's actual birthday, there were 3 soccer games and a basketball game, and they were all at the same time (almost). Mom saw just a few minutes of Mark's game before going back to pick up Dax and take him to his soccer game, while Dad coached Seth's soccer game and then Dax's basketball game, even though Dax couldn't make his basketball game since it was the same time as soccer. Mom had fun watching her boys play and was grateful for the warm, sunny Fall day.
Dax works hard when he plays goalie!
Dax actually does play a great goalie and had some good stops! 
Mark and Mom hung out on the sideline of Dax's game, and
didn't realize they matched until they took this selfie to prove it!
Mom's parents were in town and they took her out to Kneaders for lunch. She didn't think to take a picture, but she had fun seeing her mom and dad on her birthday. They bought her a mint brownie because they know about Mom's obsession with mint chocolate treats!

The rest of the afternoon was relaxing. Mom read her book for a little bit, and she played baseball with the boys. Mom also received her other present in the mail which was a bluetooth speaker. It has already been the best present. She has used it every day since she got it. We ended Mom's birthday with a game of Kick-the-Can, and then had the rest of the delicious mint chocolate cake. It was a wonderful birthday weekend. Mom loved every minute of it, other than the getting old part!
Mom is so glad she has these wonderful boys who take good care of her.
This is in front of the Cedar City Temple a few days after mom's birthday.


  1. LOVE this!!! Happy Birthday, my dear friend! And we still haven't gone out! Let's come up with a day/time soon!

    1. Yes, we definitely need to find a day. Sorry that I never finalized anything with you.

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great time!


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