Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Adventures

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I love that we have suit jackets for all my boys!
Aren't they handsome?
Melanie texted Mom early on Saturday morning and asked if we wanted to go to a BYU game. She had two extra tickets and wondered if Mark and Mom would like to join her and Daniel. It's hard to pass up an opportunity to go to a BYU game, and it was a beautiful November day, so we said yes and soon we were down at Cougar Stadium.
It was such a perfect November day which doesn't happen too often in Utah. 
BYU was playing SUU and it was clear that they were going to dominate the game. The boys had a lot of fun and Mark enjoyed teaching his cousin a little bit more about football. Mom even had to teach Melanie about targeting (which Dad had told her to do, but she didn't think it would come up). They purchased a Cougar Tail, a BYU brownie, and Graham Canyon ice cream to complete the perfect BYU experience.
It was super bright. Probably should have brought sunglasses for the boys.
Mark is in heaven at ANY sporting event!
It was a great day!
Inside this package is one foot long maple bar donut. Delicious!
While Mom and Mark were at Cougar Stadium, Dad took Dax and Seth on a hike up to Buffalo Peak. We'd done this hike when Seth was just a baby, and we remembered that it was super-steep, but our boys did it with no problem. The view of the valley is really breathtaking, too, and we had at least as much fun as Mom and Mark did at their football game.
Dax and Seth are great hikers!
I think Dax looks 15 in this photo for some reason.
Typical Seth face, and what is he holding? 
The views are beautiful at Buffalo Peak.
There are some great mountains to climb here in Utah.
Dax even took a picture of Dad to prove that he came too.
On a small side note, Mark had an adventure in November that I want to remember. He participated in a duet piano competition. Mark often participates in these little piano festivals, but he hasn't done a duet in many years and was asked a few weeks before the competition to step up and play with his friend whose partner wasn't quite ready. So Mark quickly learned the songs, and the two boys played really well together. They received a superior rating and had so much fun that they have already planned to enter the duet competition together next year.

Mark and his friend played so well! It was fun to see them have fun together.

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  1. Oh! What a fun surprise at the end!! This just made me smile!! (and the other adventures are awesome!!) AND your boys do look handsome in their suits!


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