Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pumpkin Carving 2016

The boys love carving pumpkins. 
The boys are always super-excited to carve pumpkins, even though Mom and Dad need a little encouragement. This year we collected a lot of pumpkins from all of Seth's Fall field trips and the Pumpkin Train, but we only carved five even though Dax wanted to carve them all.

It was a beautiful Fall day, and after Dad finished mowing the lawn, we covered the table in newspaper and started carving. This year, Mark and Dax carved their pumpkins entirely on their own (well, Dad helped clean out the seeds). Mark went with a face with a scary mouth. Dax did a face with ears and hair. Mom helped Seth with his angry pumpkin with "mad eyebrows." Mom and Dad both tried something new. Mom was really proud of her witch with a hat, and Dad did okay with a skeleton face. Maybe we shouldn't have dreaded pumpkin carving so much!
It is fun that the boys can be more independent on this task.
Seth told mom exactly what to carve and even drew pictures to help her.
Dad is always the most creative with his pumpkins.
Mark did well all on his own.
Dax added ears to his pumpkin this year.
Mom's pumpkin hopefully looks like a witch to you!
We love seeing them all lit up on the front porch.
We are going to try and remember that carving pumpkins was a big success this year.

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