Saturday, May 12, 2012

Natalie is not Ian Kinsler

Well, I am more like Dustin Pedroia, but if you don't follow baseball you are already lost. Today was quite the eventful day at our house. The last few days we have been playing wiffle ball in the yard because the boys love to practice hitting. Randy and I love to play too since we both grew up playing baseball/softball. Unfortunately, as I made an amazing leaping catch today, I forgot I was 32 weeks pregnant and landed funny on my ankle, dropping the ball as I hit the ground. I really wish I had held onto the ball because then the story would be better.

After laying on the couch in pain for awhile, we finally decided I better have it checked out. Who knows what happens to your bones when you have 40 extra pounds you are carrying around? I have never broken a bone before, and was pretty worried this would be my first. Luckily, I can still brag that all my bones are intact. The x-rays showed no breaks, and after being fitted with an air cast I was sent home with a bad sprain. I have sprained my ankle many times before playing volleyball, but this one is the worst. At least it seems that way. Maybe because I am old, maybe because I haven't sprained my ankle in 15 years, maybe because I am pregnant. Regardless, it is no fun trying to hobble around the house with a huge pregnant belly. Randy has been very kind and gets me anything I need, but I still have to go to the bathroom, and far too frequently!

I hope after a good night's sleep it will be better and I can walk a bit more without cringing-- at least enough to enjoy my Mother's Day breakfast and dinner that I have been promised.

Come back tomorrow for Randy's version of the story.


  1. So fun to see you today! BTW Randy said it was 50 pounds...although I suspect that other 10 pounds is really his...

  2. I assume it is just because you are old. I can barely leap up my rock wall anymore so I must be getting old too!


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