Friday, May 18, 2012


Our family life pretty much revolves around sports. We talk about sports, we watch sports, the boys' room is sports themed, and man, do we play a lot of sports. Right now Randy is playing softball, Mark is playing soccer, and Dax is playing tee ball. We have had lots of games at the same times, but everyone is having fun. I can't even imagine adding another boy to this mix, but he'll be here in 6 weeks. And soon we will switch--Mark will play tee ball and Dax will play soccer, but at least Randy will be done with softball, until August. AAHH! Here are some pictures of the boys. Unfortunately I didn't snap any of Randy at his game last night. I'll take the camera next week.

I love this picture of Dax looking into the sun.

Dax playing 1st base!

Randy is the assistant coach of Mark's soccer team.

If you are wondering what Mark is doing--his coach always tells them to spread out, so Mark puts his arms out to make sure he isn't touching anyone.

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  1. We love sports too! Sounds like you are having lots of fun.


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