Monday, May 28, 2012

Scandinavian Festival in Ephraim

Today we headed down to Ephraim for the Scandinavian Festival. The parade was nice, and the kids picked up way too much hard salt-water taffy. We were surprised that parents let their kids stand on the dotted white line on either side of the highway. We were sure someone was going to be hit by a car. It was hard to keep our kids all the way back on the solid white line.

After the parade, it was really windy, and we felt bad for all the vendors holding onto their tarpaulin booths as the gusts knocked over the displays. We did buy a gift for everyone. Randy got a piece of petrified wood because he's teaching about permineralization this year in science. The boys got light sabers because they were only three bucks each. (They also got free fossilized oysters from the fossil booth). And Natalie got a picture of the temple to hang in the basement. Here is a picture of everyone with their booty:

I'm so glad that I had to be in this picture!

For a little more info on the Scandinavian Festival and dates for other city events, check our other blog here.

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  1. You look awesome! And I love the picture. I'm way more impressed with that than the rock...


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