Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dax's Basketball

Everyone gets excited for Jr. Jazz basketball!

Dax played basketball at the Legacy Center again, and Dad was his coach again. The lady in charge of basketball at the Legacy Center actually said, "Hi, Randy! Which age do you have this year?" so apparently Dad is becoming a well-known figure there.

It was a pretty rough year, because we had Dax, who is clearly the best player-- he scored at least three-quarters of the points, three players who were able to score maybe a bucket a game, two players who couldn't throw the ball high enough to score, but liked to run around a bit, and four players who couldn't catch or shoot, or really even run around. They mostly just stood there with a finger or two in their mouth until they heard coach's third or fourth yell to run to the other end of the court.

It was pretty frustrating for everyone but Dax, who relished his role as superstar. Still, the unofficial scoring (by Mark) had us winning every game but one.
Dax loved having his dad as his coach!

Dax is a great defender. He also is amazing at rebounds!

Dax definitely takes a lot of shots.

He got pretty good at his layups!

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