Friday, December 25, 2015

Here Comes Santa Claus...

We saw Santa at Burger Stop in Layton before our wagon ride.
We saw Santa about 20 times this year, and the kids were great, mostly. By great, I mean Mark went up to Santa bobbing his head sheepishly like he was too old for this. Dax went with a serious grimace and whispered so quietly that Santa's old ears had to strain to get a word out of him. Seth was definitely the happiest to see Santa. He is at the perfect age for seeing Santa....not scared, and so excited! We got some really great pictures. The captions tell the details of each visit to Santa.

Santa at the Polar Express...Seth was excited this time!
Mark was pretty happy, too since this was the first time we saw Santa.
Wow, these are all good pictures of the boys with Santa!
This Santa at Petersen Family Farms was the best Santa EVER!
He had all the boys laughing!
....even Mark....
This is Father Christmas at the Provo Pioneer Village.
He was really nice to the kids, but not the best at looking for pictures!
Here's a great picture of Santa though!
When Santa showed up at the Ockey family party,
Seth was the most excited of any of the 30 kids there!
Mark does think he's too old, but he's a good sport!
Uh oh, Santa's being silly.

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