Monday, December 21, 2015


We take a picture every year in front of my mom's fireplace!
Thanksgiving this year was definitely an adventure. We left Tuesday after school and stopped to pick up Grandma Betty in Ogden. We dealt with a lot of sickness on this trip. Dax threw up three times on the way to Ogden, so he couldn't eat anything at dinner, but he really wanted a few fries. We tried to dissuade him, but we felt bad with him watching us eat, so we let him try a few. That was a mistake. Luckily, Randy is a super genius, and we stopped and bought some Ziploc baggies for barf bags. Dax was 100 percent accurate with the bags, and we made it all the way to Idaho without too many stops. We were glad because we really wanted to beat the big snow storm that hit the next day!

Unfortunately, I ended up getting sick in the middle of the night, so I spent most of Wednesday sleeping and lying around my mom's house. I did do all of my throwing up before anyone woke up, so no one had to actually witness that! It had snowed around 6 inches that day so the boys went outside to play in the snow and built a fort near Grandma's sidewalk, which I've heard is still standing.

That night, my youngest sister Brittany, left from work in SLC around 5:00 pm and drove like a grandma through a big snow storm until she decided around 11:00 she couldn't go any further. She was about 50 miles away from my parents' house. I was dead asleep still recovering from sickness, but Randy came in and told me that he and my dad were going on Operation Ice Queen Rescue to pick up my sister and drive her and her car home. They returned a little after 1:00 am, but all were safe and well.

Luckily, I felt lots better for Thanksgiving so I could help my mom cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner. My sister, Stephanie, and her two kids also came for dinner. We had a perfect meal, and it was fun being with family. And no one else got sick, which was a big concern of mine.
My mom helped the boys make these feather headbands.
They wore them around her house the entire time!
Here is the whole gang for Thanksgiving dinner.
These boys love going outside ANY DAY!
Dax shoveled the snow--very helpful!
A snowball fight was the main event.
Seth loves playing in the snow.
Randy snuck up on Dax and got him good!
Mark is getting so BIG!
Seth loves to throw snow at his dad. Randy was such a good sport.
His ankle was definitely not feeling that well.

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