Saturday, December 19, 2015

Reflections 2015

Oh Reflections! It's funny to look back at life after a month of not being swamped with Reflections. I was in charge of this program at my boy's elementary school along with my close friend. Together, we had to promote Reflections, get the info out, collect the entries, get them judged, order awards, hold an awards night, and pass the winning entries on to the next level. No big deal, right?

Well, I did survive, and I actually had a lot of fun! But I am glad that it is over. We had 81 entries and almost all of those children and their families came to our awards night. We handed out 29 different medals and luckily, Mark and Dax each got a medal. I didn't judge any entries, but I had to find all the judges, so there wasn't any cheating involved. Mark won for his literature entry and Dax won for his music entry. They also both entered a Visual Arts picture and received participation ribbons for those entries.

Randy says that I am not allowed to be in charge of Reflections next year because I'm doing the School Community Council and District Community Council, but I think that I might do it anyway. My friend and I had fun working together and now we know what we're doing, so it makes sense that we should give it another go, don't you think?
I was the Emcee...luckily I got this awesome new shirt for my birthday.
I asked all the winners to read their Artist Statements, so here's Mark reading his.
Dax read his so well that Principal Rencher said, "You are a great reader!"as he gave him his medal.

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  1. Ahh!!! Love this! And yes, we might be doing it again. Sorry Randy! When else do we get to work together?!


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