Friday, January 1, 2016

Bird Feeder

Here's the bird feeder. Right now it has a huge icicle connecting to the house.

Dad got a new birdfeeder in October for his Anniversary, and the birds have been really happy about it. We've gone through several bags-- big bags-- of bird seed since then. It's really fun for the boys to watch the birds just outside the window. If you're careful and move slowly, you can get within two feet of some pretty cool birds. In one day we saw seven different species at our feeder! Here's a list of birds that we see:

House finches-- these are the most common visitors. They are like rats with feathers. Always fighting and chirping.

Black-capped chickadees-- The boys love rooting for these little guys, who are really timid.
There are lots of finches that visit, but that is a black-capped chickadee waiting it's turn on the screen. 
Mourning Doves-- It's rare that a huge mourning dove finds its way to the birdfeeder, and they look hilarious trying to perch on that little step.
The mourning doves love sitting on top of the bird feeder before eating. 
Northern Flickers-- These woodpeckers are easily the favorite. If someone calls "Flicker" everyone runs from no matter where they are in the house to see.
Northern Flickers are beautiful!
Sometimes the flickers eat like this...we think it's awesome!
Magpies-- We all laugh because the first magpie kept pecking the glass and couldn't figure out how to get the seeds out. It could've been just him, but we assume all magpies are fools.

Red-winged blackbirds-- We thought they were migrators, but the ones that stick around aren't above stealing a seed or two.
You can't really see his red wing in this picture, but this is a red-winged blackbird.
White-crowned sparrow-- These little birds have the funniest stripey head. We don't see them much, but we're happy when we do.

Dark-eyed Junco-- Juncos, along with chickadees are the tiniest birds to visit our feeder. We usually see them lurking around and making a quick dash to the feeder.
This is how we usually see dark-eyed juncos...eating all the dropped seeds.
American Goldfinch-- We saw a non-breeding male who was yellow and gray and got super-excited! He seemed to be a one-time visitor.

We were so excited to see a yellow bird at our feeder!
Downy Woodpecker-- The woodpecker came a few times. He is really rare, but he was probably the coolest bird we've seen this winter.
I wish I had a better picture, but here's proof that he did come!
Here's hoping for something blue in the future!

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