Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Eve

Natalie had some really great activities laid out for New Year's Eve. Since we don't allow the kids to stay up until midnight, we celebrate throughout the day. The first thing the kids noticed when they woke up was ten bags labeled 3:00, 3:30, every half hour all the way up to 7:30. Here's a rundown of the activity in each bag:

3:00 Round-Robin Reading: We drew another family member's name and had 10 minutes of reading time with that person. Since there are five of us, someone got 10 minutes of private reading time, too.

3:30 Year review: We went through 2015 on this blog and looked at all the entries. The boys loved watching videos and looking at all our fun times-- even though it took 45 minutes!

4:00 Champagne Celebration: Well, actually vinegar and baking soda with food coloring celebration. The boys really liked this "science experiment" which bubbled over the glass in celebration of the New Year. As a bonus, it only took 10 minutes and put us back on schedule.

4:30 Goals and Mad-Libs: Mark and Dax set five goals each on Sunday, so we printed a tracking sheet and reviewed the goals before they start tomorrow. Then we did a Mad-Lib, which they have been loving lately.

5:00 Dinner: Natalie made a really nice ham and white bean soup with leftover Christmas ham. Three-fifths of us enjoyed it, if you count the half a bowl Dax ate.

5:30 Roll the New Year: Mom modified a dice to have skip, reverse, and 0. Then we tried to roll "2016" for the win!

6:00 Make Treats: The boys helped Mom make snickerdoodle cookies for later after they're in bed and our game guests (the Alders) come over.

6:30 Ring Out the Old Year: Actually we mostly stomped it out. We covered the floor with big bubble wrap, armed each boy with a pot and a wooden spoon and cranked up our favorite dance songs. There was dancing, popping, and even a broken spoon! (We really ring it out around here.)

7:00 GlowStick Hide-n-Seek: It's just like it sounds. Fire up the glowsticks, turn off the lights, and hide. Only Dax and Seth demanded to be accompanied because the house was a little too dark for them.

7:30 Ring in the New Year: We blew up balloons and used party horns to ring in the New Year!

It was a great way to celebrate the New Year-- and get the kids to bed on time....


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