Sunday, January 3, 2016

Randy's Birthday

Happy Birthday dad!
Randy has his birthday the day after Christmas. We love trying to make it a special day for our amazing dad. This year, we did not get Christmas down before his birthday because Natalie fell asleep at 9:45 on Christmas. Oops! 

But the day was still a success! First, we let dad sleep in. Then, we made dad his favorite breakfast of eggs with ham, cheese, and mushrooms. Next, we let him open presents. Randy is a good gift receiver. He puts the shirts right on, as well as the protective eyewear we got him. He also got a new ladder so he won't fall off the roof when he puts up the Christmas lights for Mom. My sister stopped by and brought a present from my family--bird Legos. So we spent the afternoon buildling them. 
He always acts like he loves all his presents!
We had a lot of fun putting these Legos together.
Laurie and Glen came out and watched the boys so Randy and Mom could go see Star Wars VII...again! It's so good we had to see it a second time. After the movie we picked up a LOT of pizza because the Alders and Grandpa Ockey joined us for dinner, games, and dessert. Randy requested pumpkin trifle for his birthday. 
We LOVE Star Wars!
Glen and Laurie had found a Buffalo Bills helmet signed by Jim Kelley for Randy for his birthday. He was pretty excited about it! Mark put it on, and it looks super fun, but then it was stuck on his head. Mom had to pull pretty hard to get it off. We didn't let anyone else try it on after that.

We hope that our dad had a happy birthday! We love him so much!
Randy has hitched his wagon to the Buffalo Bills who seem to always disappoint lately!
It looks fun now...but there was a little bit of worry later when it wouldn't come off.
We had fun with these crazy kids!
Pumpkin trifle--it looks pretty and it tasted pretty good, too.

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