Monday, January 25, 2016

Seth and Itty Bitty Ball

Seth was definitely the smallest boy on his team!
Once our boys hit three years old we sign them up for Itty Bitty Ball. Itty Bitty Ball has classes for different sports to help the little ones develop their skills. This class was working on basketball. Mark and Dax LOVED Itty Bitty Ball and when I told them that Seth was participating, they were jealous and wanted to go back. Luckily this encouraged Seth to want to go because he was kind of dragging his feet before that.

Seth likes to play basketball at home every once in awhile, but he is not as involved as his two big brothers. I haven't figured out if that's because the older boys monopolize the sports equipment, or if he just isn't as interested. So I was hoping this class would fill him with energy for basketball.

I think that it kind of worked. He loved to shoot and play defense, but he wasn't very interested in dribbling or passing. When they practiced those skills Seth would sometimes sit on the floor. He was on a team with his cousin, Aiden, by random chance and Seth did like to see Aiden. He also loved all the extra things they did like the parachute, or the obstacle course.

When I asked him what he liked best, Seth said that he loved running! They ran at the beginning to warm up and at the end, and Seth was all smiles when he was racing around the gym. Maybe he'll be a runner!
Seth is a good little shooter.
Seth knows how to play good defense--he's watched his big brothers in lots of games.
He never let anyone get by!

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