Saturday, January 2, 2016

Barn Owl

Mom put the boys to bed and left dad playing a video game and ran to the store late one night. On the way home, she turned her brights on as she came down the street toward their house because that's what we Ockeys do...look for owls by the fields because one time we saw an owl there.

Well, Mom was having a lucky night because just before she hit the big curve, she saw an owl. She flipped around and pulled up next to the barn owl. She was wishing the boys were with her because she couldn't shine the lights on the owl and take pictures very well by herself, and they would have LOVED it!

The barn owl was very patient. It sat still for a long time and let Mom take pictures and videos. She wished she had her real camera and not just her phone. It was a beautiful owl! The last picture that Mom took was with the flash on--which was definitely the worst picture--and the owl knew it. He flew off after that and Mom headed home bursting with the news! Dad was pretty enthusiastic for her and the boys were only slightly mad the next morning when they woke up and saw the pictures.
When I first pulled up, he was looking away from me. 
The owl turned around so I could see him better. 
He stared right at me for a long time.
I was only slightly worried that he might fly in the car and attack me for taking pictures.
The boys think this picture is hilarious. It's the flash picture!

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