Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stephanie's Baby

Katelynn is a sweet baby!
Natalie's sister Stephanie had a new baby girl, Katelynn Tillie, on December 21. We wanted to use Christmas Break to go see her, so we picked a time between two storms and made the drive to Idaho Falls. We left after church on Sunday, December 27 and got to Grandma's in Blackfoot right at bedtime (thanks 1-4pm church!). We were happy to stay at Grandma's house because we hadn't seen them for Christmas due to the weather.

Monday morning we headed up and saw the thirteenth cousin on the Daniels' side (45th cousin for our boys overall). Katelynn is a really cute baby, and one time she almost opened her eyes! The boys were excited to see her for about thirty seconds, and then they were off to play with Abby and Raymond. Mark came back and held the baby for a few minutes, but neither Dax nor Seth could be convinced to get too close! We didn't get to spend too long, but we enjoyed our hour or two with Katelynn.
Randy was excited to hold a baby if he didn't have to change the diaper.
Oldest and youngest grandchild on Natalie's side.
Katelynn was very sleepy so it was fun to snuggle her--
even if she does look a little annoyed by us!
Seth and Raymond played Star Wars the entire time!
We headed back to Grandma's where we spent the rest of the day. That night Mom and Dad played Grandpa's new crazy dice game Tenzis: "Now with 77 different ways to play" until far into the night (or 10:45, whichever came first). It was a short trip to Grandma's, but we were happy to see the baby.

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