Friday, January 1, 2016


We found the perfect sledding hill in Eagle Mountain at the amphitheater. Since we've had nearly a foot of snow the week before Christmas, we decided it was time to go. We had an amazing time. The hill is long, perfectly sloped, and wide enough to accommodate a lot of people. There was even a toddler hill for Seth. The boys trudged up and down that hill about 25 times. They rode tandem, separately in the saucer, went off jumps, and crashed many times. We tried every combination of people, even Mom and Dad together and later, Dax sitting on Dad's back.

We decided to take hot chocolate and apple cider, and the wind stopped blowing just long enough for us to spend an hour and a half trudging up and zipping down the hill. The boys (and Mom and Dad) had the time of their lives. I think we'll spend a lot more time on that hill in the future!
Dax definitely has the most fun sledding!
Mark seemed to go sideways or backwards every time.
The boys were even happy trudging up this huge hill!
Dax and dad had fun sledding together.
They tried on their bellies, but it didn't work so well. Dax bailed off about halfway down.
(Yes, that is a piece of our sled in the background!)
Mom and Seth went down the big hill together! It's fast!
Seth was much happier on the little hill. 
Seth also wanted to play on the playground for a little while.
Mom and Dad rode down once togehter--that is rare!
There were hay bales at the bottom for stopping, but most of them had been demolished.

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