Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Mini Vacation

Okay, it is March now...time to replace the Valentine's Day post. The weekend after Valentine's Day we headed down to Delta for the Snow Goose festival. (All external links are to our other blog.) Every year snow geese migrate back north and stop in Delta for a few weeks. Randy and I went to this festival before we had children, but we haven't been back since. We had an amazing time! The boys loved sitting and watching the geese, even Seth. We also visited a few other sites including Fort Deseret and Great Stone Face. We just stayed one night, but it was a fun adventure for our family. The boys were disappointed that the hotel pool was an outdoor pool so it wasn't open, but they still had fun in our little hotel room. My favorite part of the trip was when the snow geese (all 4000 of them) flew over our heads and Dax said, "This is the greatest moment ever." I hope they will always love our family adventures.

We stopped at this museum in Delta--we can't miss a museum.

It is awesome to see so many geese all together.

This is when they flew over us while we were sitting on the edge of the lake.

A selfie of Seth and me...we did a little bit of wandering.

He is always ready to cheese it up!

They are so excited to stay in the hotel.

Mark loves to wear his mom's old BYU beanie.

Mom and the boys at Fort Deseret. As you can see, dad took this picture,
so mom's eyes are close and Dax is looking somewhere else. Oh well.

Do you think this looks like Joseph Smith?

Mark and Dax hiked up a pretty steep hill to see Great Stone Face close up.


  1. So fun!! And those geese are amazing!!!

  2. I am debating about the Stone Face, perhaps it might look like the Prophet.


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