Sunday, March 9, 2014

St. David's Day

Wales flag display at my sister's house.
My sister Melanie is really into family history. It is great because she does all the work for me! :) Well, she has taken family history to a new level this year. March 1st in St. David's Day, a Welsh holiday much like Ireland's St. Patrick's Day. All of my paternal grandpa's family come from Wales, as well as many on my paternal grandma's side, too. We have been collecting histories for as many family members as we can and we read that Daniel Daniels (my great-great-great-great grandpa...yes, his name is Daniel Daniels and so is my dad's) immigrated here from Wales but once in Salt Lake City he kept the celebrating of St. David's Day alive. He played the violin for the dancing, and helped organize all the activities. Daniel Daniels later helped settle Malad, ID which is full of Welsh people and where they hold a Welsh Festival every year. My dad was born there.

Anyway, Melanie decided we should celebrate St. David's Day in honor of our Welsh ancestors, and especially for Daniel Daniels who brought it here to Utah. So we ate a somewhat traditional Welsh dinner and had a few activities for the children. We had lamb which Dax devoured. It seemed like he ate 2 whole sheep! It was my first time eating lamb, and Dax's as well, but it was good. (Randy grew up on a sheep farm, so he knew how greasy it is!) We also had Welsh cakes and Glamorgan sausages as appetizers, both of which were yummy. I wish that I had been better about taking pictures of things. I was in charge of dessert and I couldn't find anything that looked all that appetizing from Wales. Everything had currants in it (not the electrical kind). So I cheated and made trifle which came from England. (Don't tell Saint David!) I figure they are all part of Great Britain, right? And look how pretty it is!

The kids made daffodils and colored dragons (because the Wales flag has a dragon on it. Awesome, right?) It was a fun night and it was a great opportunity to talk about our family with the boys. Although Mark asked me later, "So, how are we related to St. David?" Oh well, hopefully he will figure it out as he gets older. If you want to learn more about St. David's day because your ancestors are from Wales, too, you can click here.

Randy enjoying a welsh cake!
We love (okay, like) St. David's Day!

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  1. Ooh! I love it!! My ancestors are from Wales, too. We might have to start this tradition! So fun!!


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