Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day at the Zoo

We HAVE to ride the carousel.
We had a break in the weather last week (okay so it was last month on President's Day...I'm really far behind on the blog), and we decided to go to the zoo. We weren't the only ones. Randy's sister (Amy) decided to take her family, so we hooked up and made a day of it. As we walked past the elephant enclosure on our way out, we bumped into Natalie's sister (Melanie) and her family as well. It must've been a great day for the zoo.

Our kids love the zoo, and on spring mornings the animals are pretty active. The only problem we had is that we couldn't find the polar bear. It seemed he had been replaced by a brown bear. We looked for a while before we realized that brown bear actually WAS the polar bear. Apparently he'd been rolling in the mud.

The tiger was also out prowling around and we had a fun treat listening to him as he made lots of noise. Check out our video.

It was a really nice day at the zoo. And of course we made our traditional stop at Red Robin for burgers afterward!

Mark loves this huge elephant.
Dax asked why it wasn't spraying water.

Dax being goofy!
I think he might have been eaten by a polar bear.

We had a great time with Sam and Aiden at the zoo.

Seth wanted to give the meerkat a kiss.

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