Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Abraham Taylor

Hey, this is Randy....

Abraham Taylor is my Grandma Benson's great-great grandpa. That makes him my great-great-great-great grandfather. For Christmas this year, I put together a book of collected histories for my siblings, which had an article on Abraham. (It's last in the book, if you're looking.) The article, which appears to come from a newspaper, has no citation at all. It states that Abraham and his father Thomas immigrated to Springville with the Mormon pioneers and built the first foundry in Utah.

One of the things that the Taylors built the foundry for was to make nails for the Provo Tabernacle and other major buildings in and around Springville. The article goes on to mention that some of these nails have been preserved and stored in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers in Springville. I was pretty excited because this is the kind of family history I like-- stories and artifacts that let us know our ancestors a little better. (I let others worry about dates, ordinances, and genealogies.) So, we decided to head down and check it out.

The ladies at the museum were really nice. They played with Mark and Dax, helped me find 4 new histories I hadn't seen before and showed us the nails in question. They even let us take them out of the case, and the boys held the nails that their great-great-great-great-great grandpa made 150 years ago. Surprisingly, the boys thought that was pretty cool.

We saw the nails sitting in the first case as you enter the museum.

The boys had fun dressing up like pioneers while dad did some family history.

We were surprised she took the nails out of the case for us!
Dax was very careful when he touched them.

Can you see how they are square instead of round like the nails now?

Everyone took a turn touching the nails.

We love Family History!


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