Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Brittany's Wedding

Brittany and Eligah chose Labor Day weekend to get married. Grandma had worked hard on the dresses for all the girls, and our boys got lavender ties to wear for the reception. On Friday after school we headed up to Grandma's house. The traffic was bad, so we didn't get in until almost 9. Luckily, we were the only ones staying at the house as Mel was at a hotel and Tiff was at Steph's house.

Saturday morning we headed up to Rexburg because Brittany likes that temple and the Idaho Falls temple is closed for renovation. On the way we dropped the kids off at Stephanie's, where two babysitters had all the grandkids while the adults were at the sealing. It was a nice ceremony, and we had the kids picked up and went back to Grandma's by mid-afternoon.

We love going to the temple together.
They seemed very happy to be married (which is a good thing)!
Here is Nat's family minus one husband. 
There wasn't a whole lot of time to get ready for the reception, which was held in Grandma's backyard. Dad changed the turn signal on the van while Mom pulled together some decorations. Then we cut fruit until guests started to arrive. The reception wasn't very busy because of Labor Day and the East Idaho State Fair, but the cousins had fun running around in their best clothes until it got dark. By the time we got cleaned up and the kids in bed it was almost 10pm.
Here's a bunch of the cousins, but not all!
Randy photobombed this pic!
Seth loved "driving" on Grandma's bench!
Seth and I had a lot of fun dancing!
Mark danced with me, too. This one was taken after we finished our dance.
Aren't we the cutest little family?
We stayed the night at Grandma's house and went to church with her the next day, which the boys really enjoyed. It was their first time at someone else's ward in a long time, and Seth and Dax were a bit nervous, but ended up loving it. We got home by 7pm and had all day Monday to do a hike to Scout Falls!

I like this picture of me and my boys on the trail! 
The leaves were starting to turn. It was a beautiful day for a hike!
We actually got a few family pictures at Scout Falls.
We love being together as a family!

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