Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Seth the Model

Since I know only three people read this blog (Angee, Sandy, and Laurie ;) ), you guys will remember that Dax had the chance to model before for Little Adventures--a company that makes dress up clothes. Well, they called me one day and asked if he would be available to model for them again the next day. I let them know that Dax was in school all the time, so he probably wouldn't be able to, but I told them that Seth was interested (and he really was, I asked him first).

So I emailed them the picture below that I took of Seth while I was on the phone with them. And they said he would be perfect. The next day, we headed over to a small park to take some pictures. 

There were two other boys, and Seth was the best listener. He did whatever they asked and he loved it! Seth has always loved to dress up, so this is the perfect adventure for him. He got to wear capes and pretend to be a superhero. I wish that I could take pictures of him, but that is a no-no in the little contract that we sign.
This is the photo that I took of him before we left. 
When it is all over, Seth is allowed to choose items that he wants to take home. This is his payment. Well, he chose some blue muscles since he loves the black muscles that Dax chose a few years ago. He also chose two light sabers, and a pirate dress up set. He has used them all a ton! They also commented that they would love to use Seth again as a model, so he might get to choose some more dress up clothes soon. Nothing would make him happier.
He was super excited about these foam light sabers!
Seth is a serious Jedi with muscles!


  1. Oh my gosh!! How fun!! Let me know when his pictures are up; I want to see them!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes you do! I will change the post to reflect that!

  3. That is so cool! Could they maybe use Kori sometime?

    1. I will pass on her name. Sometimes they send out emails looking for other kids!


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