Sunday, September 18, 2016

Girls Camp

This was me after a week at Girls Camp!
I was the Girls Camp Director for my ward this year. Last year, I was the assistant and I went to the stake camp with the girls. It was lots of fun. But this year I was in charge of EVERYTHING.

Luckily, one of the leaders in our ward offered her parents cabin near Vivian Park. It was a little small for everyone to sleep inside, so some of the girls, as well as the priesthood, slept outside in tents. It was super nice to be close to home!

We went the first week of August (when the Olympics were starting in Brazil) and so we used the Olympic theme "Go for the Gold." I will spare you all the boring details of what we did, but it was a lot of fun! Everything worked out super well. The girls were so good and there was no drama. I felt blessed that things went as smoothly as they did, even when we had little snafus, it all came together. We had lots of Olympic competitions and we really bonded as a young women's group.
These are the awesome ladies who stayed the entire week with me. Other leaders came and went at night! 
These are the fun Young Women Leaders who helped with camp all week!
One of the fun things that we got to do was go to the Olympic Park in Park City. It was fun to watch the skiers practice their jumps into the pool. I had no idea that was how they trained. We also took a ride on the Alpine Slide!
The whole gang at the Olympic Park!
Crystal was my Assistant Camp Director! I love her! She was the best helper!
We were excited for the bobsled picture because we watched Cool Runnings the night before.
I make a great skier!
We also hiked to Upper Falls and it was awesome to see the girls help each other along on the steep climb. The waterfall was beautiful and we had it all to ourselves, which was probably good since there were 30 of us!
I was so proud of the girls for making it up to the waterfall! 

I have always loved Girls Camp from the times I went as a young woman to the times that I have gone since them. I think I figured out this was my 11th time! I can't wait for next year! And on a side note, the boys did survive at home without me!
We had a special speaker one night who inspired us to become more like the Savior and serve!
There is always a lot of hair braiding going on at camp.
My hair was braided all on top of my head with a laurel crown.
A few days later we took it out.
And it was a little bit crazy!!!
We had a lot of Olympic Events to compete in, and I was a very serious competitor.
We were the Queen Bees! Best team ever!
These are all my cute YW teams. First the BOM Squad--don't look at the spelling mistake!
Here is team Cool Runnings!
Team Africa had a lot of personality! 
And the winners of the Girls Camp Olympics was Team USA!


  1. Oh my gosh!! That first picture made me laugh!!! Looks like you did a great job and it was tons of fun!

  2. That is a TON of work! It's a good thing you love it. I have never been to girls camp.



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