Monday, September 5, 2016

Perseid Meteor Shower

Setting up the cots was a great idea!
Every year in the middle of August, the Perseids put on the best meteor shower of the year. Mom and Dad have driven out and watched it several times, but this year we were determined to take the boys. It was a perfectly clear night, so loaded up some snacks, grabbed the cots, and drove out toward Fairfield.

Just past Eagle Mountain, we took a right turn and headed northwest along an old dirt road. We drove for about 5 miles out away from the lights and parked at a pullout. Then we put out our cots and wrapped up in blankets. It was cool, but all snuggled together we weren't too cold. It was just about 10 pm when we arrived, and the meteors were just starting. It wasn't a particularly spectacular year, but this was the boys' first time, and they were amazed. We stayed for around two hours, and Seth finally dropped off, but Mark and Dax watched until midnight. We had licorice and pretzels and oohed and awwed at all the meteors that streaked the sky. It was a perfect night for our adventuresome family.

We started out on separate cots, but by the end we were all snuggled on two different cots!
The boys loved staying up late and watching the meteors. 

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