Monday, September 19, 2016

First Day of School 2016

This school year has definitely been a different adventure here in our house.

Mark is going to Highland this year with Randy. We did a lot of thinking, and praying, but we ultimately left the final decision up to Mark. He told me that he wouldn't get this chance ever again, so he wanted to go to school with Dad. So Mark rides to school with Randy every morning at 7:10. Then I go and pick him up at 2:15 in Highland. The first week seemed to be a little tough on Mark which is to be expected, but he has already made a lot of friends, and loves being in his Dad's class. I can already see a difference in the relationship with Mark and Randy. They are definitely closer which is what we hoped for. I think it's going to be a great year for them.

Dax is going to our local school here in Lehi and is in first grade. He has a great teacher, and his friend around the corner is in his class. Since I am out in Highland picking up Mark, our friend is picking up Dax and watching him for a few minutes until I get back. It is still a little sad for me to not be able to greet him every day after school, but we have found a good routine. I think Dax misses Mark more than I expected, but I am also hopefully that Dax will find a great friend to play sports with him this year.

Seth is going to preschool with Miss Tina. She is fabulous and he loves her! Seth has been to a few summer camps with her, so he felt right at home in her preschool room and was super excited to go to preschool. He wasn't sad for a second. I am glad that he loves school already.

It is weird to have a few hours two days a week that are just mine. Unfortunately, I am usually at the school doing something, so I haven't been able to fully use my free time yet!
Silly boys!
Dax wanted bunny ears, too!

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