Friday, September 23, 2016

Soccer Season is Here Again!

Soccer has come upon us again! This year we have THREE boys playing soccer so we are running around all day Saturday.

Seth is playing for the first year and Randy is his coach. He loves that his dad is his coach. He seems to be enjoying soccer, but he isn't as aggressive as our older two boys were at this age. I find this slightly surprising because he is super aggressive with them at home. Seth has scored at least one goal in each of his first few games, and to a four-year-old, that is called success.
Seth is on the Fire Dragons.
Seth scoring his first goal!!
Seth played pretty well in his first game.
Dax is playing on a team with no one that we know, but we really like his coach. Dax played goalie the first game and did really well, but he hasn't played it again. He scored a goal in his second game which was exciting because he hasn't scored a goal in quite some time. We were super excited for him.
Dax is on the Soccer Warriors.
Dax is a good hustler on the field.
Dax getting ready to play goalie.
This was his best save. He played really well at goalie.
Mark is playing with his coach that he has had for four years. We really like his coach and the good kids on this team (even though they are constantly changing). Mark has definitely taken a big leadership role on the team and all the other players look to him for guidance. He has scored many goals in the first two games. So many, that he ends up sitting on the sideline so others can have a chance (and I'm sure Randy is mad that I shared that, because he dislikes bragging!) Really, Mark is a remarkable soccer player, but his heart lies with baseball.

Mark's team hasn't decided between the Maroon Baboons and the Cherry Bombs.
Mark has great ball control.


  1. Mark told me he scored 5 goals in one game. Tell him to go with the Cherry Bombs.

  2. Mark told me he scored 5 goals in one game. Tell him to go with the Cherry Bombs.


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