Monday, July 22, 2013


Getting ready for his first ride!
On Saturday, Randy's sister and family took us out on their boat at Utah Lake. Mark has been begging to go tubing. I have to confess that I never believed that he would actually get on the tube. Last year, Mark and Dax went on the boat, but they wouldn't get out into the water. But this year, Mark said he would ride on the tube with dad. I guess I shouldn't have doubted him since he has been so brave at swimming lessons.

Mark had a lot of fun! He rode the tube with dad, with Ty his cousin, and at the end, all by himself. He even changed tubes mid-ride and put his hand and leg in the water while riding. On Mark's last ride, he wanted to go alone, but since he is so light, the tube submarined and down he went into the lake. He came right back up, grabbed the tube, and Ty had already jumped in to help get him back on. I was sure that he would cry and say he wanted to get in the boat, but I was wrong again. Mark hopped on that tube and rode all alone. I am slowly learning not to doubt my kids. He can't wait to go tubing again!

Randy rode the tubes and did a little waterskiing, but Dax didn't want to do anything except drive the boat. He was a pretty good driver! I'm guessing he'll be out on the tubes next year. Seth was happy at first, but then pure exhaustion kicked in and he cried for the last half hour. He hated wearing the life jacket and just needed a nap. Other than the screaming, it was a great trip.

Seth is still happy. We've only been on the lake for a few minutes.

Mark and Dax both love riding in the boat.

Dax driving the boat.

Randy waterskiing!

Ty doing lots of fancy tricks. Mark just holding on for dear life.

Getting braver...let go of the handle to wave.

Going alone! Wow!

Now he's on a different tube...he was so adventurous.
I am putting a video on of Mark's first ride and his last ride. It is about 1 and 1/2 minutes long. Seth is crying through the second half--sorry.

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