Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mark's Birthday

I made Mark a flag waffle for his birthday.
It's upside down in this picture.
Mark is SO old. He turned seven this year and I can't believe that 7 years have gone by. I still vividly remember being in labor for so long with him and then being in so much pain after having him (Mark's birth was the hardest). I also remember sleeping on the floor in his room when he was 9 months old trying to help him fall asleep on his own. None of the other children have needed that. I also remember Mark falling and cutting his head on our back window and getting it glued back together again. I remember feeling like the worst mom ever, but Mark has had a staple in his head and stitches in his arm and lots of other injuries, so now it doesn't phase me too much. So much has happened in the last seven years...

Mark is a great reader. He loves to read books and often reads a chapter book a day because he gets so involved in the story. He is a good student and a quick learner. He loves to learn and I hope that Mark will always feel that way.

Mark is a devoted athlete. He loves to play baseball, basketball, and soccer. He is always doing one of them (usually baseball), either inside or outside. He knows all the Red Sox players and Jazz players.

Mark is a great helper. He always cleans up and he runs to grab me anything I ask him to grab. He watches Seth while I run to switch the laundry or go to the bathroom. He is working on being more patient with Dax, but they really are great friends. They lay in their beds laughing and giggling every night. I hope they will always be close.

Mark wanted Captain America's shield for his cake. I made two circle cakes and wondered what to do with the 2nd circle. My sister came up with writing Mark and making the A like the Avengers A to go with Captain America. We didn't do a big party, but he had a few friends over to play the day before and we had our 4th of July BBQ. Mark loved the fireworks this year. One more sign that he is growing up. I still remember the days of crying and covering his ears...they weren't too long ago.

Mark and his two best friends

Mark and his two best brothers

Opening presents

Flag from cake balls

Mark with his two cakes!
Blowing out the candles...kind of. The wind kept blowing them out,
so we had him pretend.
Family 4th of July Pic


  1. It was a great 4th and awesome cakes for Mark's bday. Can't believe he is that old, next year he gets baptized. Crazy! Thanks for letting us crash, hope those brownie bites lasted at least a few days. ;)

    1. I think there are 4 left! They are so yummy!

  2. Happy birthday, Mark! Seven years happened so fast!
    Aunt Sandy

  3. Happy Birthday, Mark!! He's sooo big! And Captain America was a perfect theme for the other holiday, as well!! Love that kid!


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