Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vacation #2: Goblin Valley & Capitol Reef

Sometimes our other blog monopolizes my life. Then I look at this blog and realize it has been two weeks since I wrote a new post. In reality, Randy writes most of the posts on our Utah Valley Family Adventures Blog, and I do the editing and pictures, but then I have to pin it on Pinterest (which I am horrible at) and post it to Facebook (which I'm not very good at either). How do people keep up with all this social media? I must be too old.

Anyway, it's all just excuses. And mostly I want to say, I'm sorry. I have a lot of things to blog about, but you'll have to patiently wait as I post one at a time. So here is the latest, meaning what we did two weeks ago. 

We went on another vacation at the end of June. We went to Goblin Valley State Park and stayed in yurts. We had so much fun and it was really the best kind of camping with Seth. He could play in the yurt which had a wood floor and not fall/get dirty outside. The yurt had a swamp cooler, so we were able to keep a little cooler in the 100 degree weather. While we were there, we hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon and our family quickly labeled it "the best hike EVER!" We visited Capitol Reef National Park and the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. We wrote about all those places on the other blog, so here I'm just going to write that we had a lot of fun. Dax said he wanted to live at Goblin Valley and Mark tells everyone about the bighorn sheep we saw because that was the best part for him. I pulled some of my favorite pictures from the trip to share with you. 

In Little Wild Horse Canyon....aren't they strong?

One of 4 different types of lizards we saw.

Isn't that baby pronghorn precious?

We barricaded Seth on the porch so he could be outside, but wouldn't get by the fire.
He thought it was the coolest!

Mark looking at some petroglyphs.

Just a sweet moment

Such a big boy.

Seth loves hiking!

Mark & Dax tried to crawl in every hole they was a lot!

Mark saw this guy laying on the ground and immediately knew it was an antelope squirrel.
We don't doubt him because he sits in the back of our van and reads the bird/animal book.

I caught them watching a lizard.

Goblin Valley is full of places like this.

Goblin Valley...blaze your own trail

We played hide and seek for a long time.

Great boys!

They loved this place.
The moon was big and beautiful all the time--day or night.


  1. Love the pictures! You guys have so much fun together.

  2. Great pictures. It looks like the boys really had a great time.


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