Thursday, July 11, 2013

Seth's 1st Birthday!

See his poor sick eyes...sad little guy on his birthday.

Seth is one! I can't believe that one year ago on July 8th Seth came home from Primary Children's Hospital. He is a healthy, vibrant one year old who walks around and gets into everything. You can't even tell that he had open heart surgery and two months later an angioplasty. The only sign is the scar across his back that only we see, and maybe a few people at the swimming pool.

Seth weighs 23 pounds. He is 30.5 inches long and his head is still in the 99%. I gave up and moved him to 18 month clothes even though he just hit 12 months. They are way easier to get over his head and fit him better, too. Seth loves to laugh when everyone else laughs. He wants to be in on the joke. Seth is always in my pots and pans and tupperware. It is constantly on the kitchen floor. Seth would much rather play with his brothers than his toys. He loves to eat. His favorite things are meatballs, carrots, grapes, strawberries, and graham crackers. He hates bananas and milk. I'm hoping that I can change his mind on the milk really soon.

Seth loves to dance and he likes to look at books on his own. Our doctor told us that Seth already knows how to get us riled up...he has that look in his eye. It's true. Whenever he is doing something naughty, Seth just smiles or make a face that says, "you know I'm super cute, right?" We constantly have people stop us and comment on his big brown eyes. I'm still not sure if they'll be a true brown, but they'll at least be hazel. His hair color is still up for grabs, too.

We invited all the family over for a big birthday party at the park. Seth was sick. He had been running a fever all day, so he wasn't very smiley. But he smashed his cake very well. Because Seth loves to spin wheels, I made him a wheel cake to smash. He seemed excited about it. Grandpa & Grandma Daniels also took Seth and Mark out for a birthday dinner. We ate in the kitchen--it was actually fun watching them prepare the food and watching the servers hustling in and out. We got some special treatment with free appetizers and a big birthday candelabra. It was a fun outing.

Wasn't too sure about the cake at first, but dad helped him taste it,
and then Seth realized it was worth eating.

Dax wanted to be right there with him the whole time!

There wasn't much left.

Getting sung to at the restaurant.

Mark helped blow out the candles.

Having a fun time!


  1. Happy Birthday, Seth!
    Aunt Sandy

  2. Happy Birthday, Seth!! Love you so much, Big Guy!


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