Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer is coming to a close?!

Today I looked at the calendar and realized that in two days, I'll be flipping the page to August. What?! That means school is coming. That means there are only 3 more weeks of summer. That means Randy goes back to work. That means our lives will shift back into real schedule. For a moment, I was sad. I love summertime because we spend so much time together. We go on a million adventures, which most days I love. :) There are days when I drag my feet heading out the door, but in the end, we always have a blast. So instead of being sad and moping around because summer will end in 3 weeks, I'm going to show you all the fun that we've had. Most of you follow our other blog, so you have seen the adventures. I'll try to choose new pictures, but there might be a few repeats!

So here it is, our summer in a nutshell. Well, there are way too many pictures to fit in a nutshell. In no particular order....

Seth loved the zoo.

Nielsen's Grove park in Orem

Sandhill Cranes at Wildlife Refuge in Idaho.



Peppermint Place

Heritage Park in Cedar Hills

Seth's First Birthday!

Ensign Peak

Goblin Valley

Willow Heights Trail

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Capitol Reef

Dino Quarry

Gateway Fountain & Children's Museum

Mark's 7th Birthday!

Seth at the doctor--his first sucker!

Living Planet Aquarium with some friends!

Provo Splash Pad

Golden Spike National Historic Site

Sprial Jetty--do you like Mark trying to
 sneak in the picture? Dax hates that!

Trips to the Lehi Pool

Jordanelle State Park

Fairy Forest

Bees Game

Fossil Butte

Junior Ranger Programs EVERYWHERE!

Fort Bridger

Swinging Bridge American Fork Canyon

Riding the ponies at Frontier Camp

Days of 47 Rodeo

Boating on Utah Lake

Lots of tee ball and baseball games.

Hours and hours of playing outside.
Seth is partial to the dirt.

Thiokol Rocket display

Ogden Union Station
Ogden Nature Center

Ott Planetarium

Too many adventures for Dax.


  1. Wow! And I thought we had a busy summer.

  2. I don't think I know anyone who goes on as many adventures as you guys do!! It's awesome! I love your family picture at the Ogden Nature Center- that should definitely go on your wall and probably in a Christmas card or something! :)

  3. I can't even believe you guys made it through all that. I can't wait to see what you do next summer, you might have to move to a new state and start over.


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